Welcome New Students! On your first visit-2 weeks for $25.00

New to The Yoga Company? Whether you are a beginner or a long time practitioner of yoga we welcome you to our studios where we are happy to offer a broad range of class levels and styles to accommodate all who walk through our doors.

Yoga is much more than a physical exercise.  Yoga involves honing and evolving your physical, mental and emotional energies so that you can live a more balanced and peaceful life.

That said, many people find the practice very challenging when they first begin.   They keys to meeting the challenges and evolving your practice are patience, preserverance and consistency of practice.  If you have never taken a yoga class and have not been very active physically, you will want to plan on starting with any of the beginner/Level 1 classes.  More active people new to the practice might want to begin with the above or Level 1-2 classes.  If you have been practicing for some time and are familiar with the yoga asanas feel free to try any of the classes offered, noting that some of them are conducted in heated rooms.

We are happy to offer a one time 2 week unlimited class package for $25.00. This discount available in house and on your first visit only. This package is not available for sale online. We encourage you to try all of our Yoga classes, instructors and both studio locations. Every teacher has their own unique background and teaching style. Two weeks for $25 excluded from OmCycle classes.

Upon completion of your 2 week trial we offer a one time $75.00 unlimited monthly package. This package allows you to experience how many times you come and which class package best suits you, your schedule and classes that resonate with you.